Do you know what you really need in life?

According to John Mason, “If you look at life the wrong way, there is always cause for alarm; what you see depends mainly on what you look for.” Most people complain because roses have thorns; instead, be thankful that thorns have roses.

Once upon a time, there was a grandmother sitting in a chair on the beach with her grandson, and she was doing her cross-stitch while looking at her lovely grandson with a shovel, a little shovel with a little hat, near the water, playing and having fun.

The grandmother was just looking at her grandson while doing her cross-stitch when, all of a sudden, a tsunami, a tidal wave, a giant tidal wave, came rushing towards them. Before she could scream, before she could say, “My grandson,” the tidal wave crashed onto her little boy and went up. When the water receded back into the sea, the little boy was gone.

The grandmother stood up, threw her cross-stitch into the sand, looked at the sky, threw her fist at God, and said, “Lord, I pray every day, I go to mass regularly, and I am a good woman!” Bring back my little boy!

Lo and behold, another giant tidal wave comes rushing towards her and crushes right in front of her, and when the water pulls back into the sea, the little boy was there again, all wet and dizzy but still there.

You know what the woman did? She could not speak; she could not say anything, and all of a sudden, she frowned, she spouted, and she said, “Lord a while ago, my little boy was wearing a hat!” Where is his hat?

Shakespeare once said: I cried when I had no shoes, but I stopped crying when I saw a man without legs. Life is full of blessings, but sometimes we don’t value them.

Be thankful and appreciate what you have in life. Remember, life itself is a blessing.

To God be the glory

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