Quit relying on people

I love what Joel Osteen said about people: they are like scaffolding that somehow will be removed from your life for some reason; God is taking you to the next level.

Not everyone who is with you now may be able to accompany you to your destination. Some people are like scaffolding; they come into your life for a reason to help you reach a certain level. But at some point, God is going to remove the scaffolding so you can shine. It is not that they are not good people, but their part in your story is over. God’s taking you to a higher level. Quit being frustrated by somebody who is not supporting you like they used to. We spend far too much time attempting to gain the approval of others and have them validate us so that we can feel good about ourselves. The problem with getting validation from people is that people can change their minds.

One moment, people were shouting “Hosanna” and waving palm branches. A few days later, those same people were shouting, “Crucify him.” People can have a short memory, and if you are getting your value based on what people give you or how much they compliment you, then, if they stop doing that for some reason, you’ll forget who you are; your self-worth comes from them. Quit relying on people and go to God. You do not need people’s approval; you have God’s permission.

The Scripture says in Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” As you learn to let go and let God, you will enjoy your life more and become everything He has created you to be! https://www.JoelOsteen.com/Messages

All glory to God.


14 thoughts on “Quit relying on people

  1. This post is spot on for me 👌 Thank you for sharing!
    I have been feeling / thinking the same lately. I laugh for how much it took me to get to this point in which I’m more willing to let God come in and accept his work. Going beyond unhealthy attachment issues has been hard but it’s like you wrote. People come and people go, sometimes so we can shine brighter…


    1. Thank you❤️ I’m so glad you found my post useful. Yes, people come and go, and we cannot deny our strengths nowadays are coming from people around us. Our family, friends and loved ones but if those people will remove from our lives, it hurts like hell. We love them, but we must not rely on them; it is better to strengthen our attachment with God.

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  2. This is so true for someone who is on a path of awakening and discovering their authentic nature. It can be the hardest thing to separate from our family members when they are the ones that are actually doing the “hosanna! Palm waiving followed by the “crucify him!” In my my case (her) behavior. I have struggled with the need for approval most of my life, and when the ones that taught me about God were the inconsistency in my life I found it challenging to wrap my mind and heart around how to set myself free from this. Thank you so much for the message! 🙏 ❤️


    1. Thank you so much❤️I’m glad you found my post useful.🙏 All of us are struggling because we were used to relying on people but let our faith be stronger than our emotion. We must always be reminded that we don’t need people’s approval because we already have God’s approval. God bless you🙏🙏🙏

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