Listen to yourself and you will find your destiny

I remember when I was a nursery student, before the graduation date, my teacher wants us to recite this phrase, “When I grow up I want to be,” and she started asking what you want when you grow up? I don’t have any idea because I just saw my father building a house, so I said I want to be an engineer because I also want to build a house like my father. But then, when I grow older, I have so much in my mind, I idolize many men. When I read books, I said someday I would be like him, but as days past by, the more I follow and look up them, the more I got frustrated because I feel I am away from myself. So right now I started again, I look up myself, and I follow the strategies of those men I Idolize why they became successful in their way.
I like the conversation between young Sheldon and Rabbi.
Rabbi: I’m going to tell you to be your own man.
Sheldon: But I want to be a great scientist like Albert Einstein.
Rabbi: Child, when your days are over, God will never ask you why you aren’t Einstein, but he might ask you why you weren’t Sheldon.
I read the story of five men who were caught in a thick forest.
The first man said….I will go left because my intuition told me so.
The second one said…. “I will go right because the right comes from the word rightness.
The third one said….I will go back the way we came.
The fourth one said….I will go straight. We should move forward, the forest will end and we will go somewhere new.
The fifth said….You are all wrong. There is a better solution. Wait for me.
He climbed the tallest tree he could find while everyone else went their own way.
From above, he saw the shortest way to exit. He could also see the order in which the others would exit. He understood the problem and found the best solution!
He knew that he did everything right. The others were wrong. They were stubborn, and they didn’t listen to him. He was the real Wise Man!
But he was wrong. Everyone was right. They were all wise.
The man who went to the left found himself in the thicket. He had to starve and fight with wild animals, but he learned how to survive in the forest. He became a part of the forest and could teach others the same.
The man who went to the right was robbed of everything and was forced to join them. After some time, he had reminded the thieves of something they had ^ forgotten – humanity and compassion.
The man who went back created a trail through the forest, which soon became a road for those who wanted to enjoy the forest without the fear of getting lost.
The man who went straight became a pioneer. He went places where nobody else had been before and created new opportunities for others.
The man who climbed the tree became a guide. People turned to him when they wanted to find the most efficient ways to deal with their problems.
These five wise men created their destiny by listening to their intuition. You can create your own path. Listen to yourself, and you will find your destiny.


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