The Benefits of Taking Risks

When you take risks in your life, you enhance your confidence, build new skills, and get more out of life. Here is the thing; taking risks does not mean jumping off a cliff in the dark blindfolded without knowing what’s below.

Risk-taking in your life might be something as simple as speaking up during your morning meetings, telling your spouse to treat you better, or letting a friend know they’ve crossed the line by standing up for yourself. The awesome thing is that the benefits of taking risks often totally outweigh the risks if you do your due diligence.

Learn New Skills

There is always something to learn. Everyone on this world can benefit from more learning. When you take the risk, you end up learning. Even if you fail by your own standards, you will learn something new anyway.

Overcome Fear

When you take more risks, your mind and body get used to dealing with the feelings often associated with fear. You can learn to turn those fear feelings into something else. Because remember, most of the time fear is not real in modern society. If you’re making business choices that don’t involve life and death, there is usually no logical reason to be fearful.

Break Through Perceived Limits

Most of us have limits that have been manufactured for us throughout our lives that have nothing to do with reality. Maybe someone told you when you were in 8th grade you were terrible at math. Or for some reason, you think you are not naturally “good” at something. This is a limit that may not even exist.

When you accept some risk, you can overcome and blow past these limits because they are erroneous. Who told you that you can’t? If you can figure that out and then test the assumption by taking a class or doing “it” anyway, the experience of doing it will blow up the limitation for you.

Uncover More Opportunity

The more risks you take, the more opportunities that will come your way. There is a reason for the saying, “High risk brings high reward.” It’s because it’s mostly true. It’s true when you do your research and do the work you need to do to test an idea first. You see, the risk you need to take isn’t even that risky. The truth is, half the issue is showing up.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Nothing boosts self-confidence like success. When you do more, you have more opportunities to experience success. Yes, when you take more risks, you will also experience more failure. But if you can address failure the way it should be addressed, which is as part of life, it isn’t as tragic.

More than likely, you’re going to get more success taking more risk, which will make you feel more confident. If you’re doing your due diligence for every decision, you make it more likely that you’ll experience something better than bad.

As you discover the benefits of risk-taking, you’ll simply open more doors, experience more success, and become more courageous. After all, experience – more than anything else – is what helps you overcome fear. The only way to overcome fear is to do things that put your fear in place and prove it wrong.


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