Every Exit is an Entrance Somewhere Else

Change can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but it is the only way to make progress. I remind myself that each ending is an opportunity.

I replace my doubts and fears with confidence and hope. I recognize my strengths and focus on what I have to gain.

Setbacks are only temporary as long as I keep pursuing my dreams.

I reach out for support. I talk things through with trusted family members and friends. I use my network to find contacts who have had similar experiences. I learn from their insights and expertise.

If I break up with my partner, I find other sources of love and companionship

When I complete a major goal, I set my sights on my next objective.

Today, I prepare myself to make a fresh start. When I let go of the past, I make room in my life for new lessons and blessings.


6 thoughts on “Every Exit is an Entrance Somewhere Else

  1. This title WOW! It’s stirred my senses on so many levels, from a multidimensional point of view this title is very activating, so many realisations! Thank you.


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