Reading Strengthens my Mind.

The act of reading exercises my imagination. I am introduced to new vocabulary, concepts, and ideas each time I open a book.

Language is powerful and challenging, and I enjoy the mental stimulation.

When I discover an unfamiliar word, I look it up. Increasing my vocabulary enables me to communicate with greater clarity because I can say exactly what I mean. As my mental dictionary grows, everything I encounter possesses an increased level of definition.

My mind is actively engaged when I read. Afterward, I process and reflect on the material with an open mind.

Encountering beliefs that challenge my own encourages me to research the unknown. In this manner, my reading is augmented by peripheral texts and new venues of literature. I reinforce my knowledge while availing myself of different opinions. Mentally, I gain the ability to see multiple sides of a position.

New ideas sometimes influence my perception, and I develop new methods of contemplating everyday events.

I treat the act of reading the same as physical exercise. I perform it regularly. Just like an exercise routine, I introduce new material to avoid stagnation. When my day is full, I search for small opportunities to read.

My cognitive strength increases with each day.

Today, I look forward to reading something new. I can experience exciting adventures, thoughts, and ideas just by opening a book or with the click of my mouse.



Grab some good books to read. The benefits of reading are priceless. 

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