Forgiveness frees me to love

Forgiveness frees my soul. When others wrong me, the act of forgiving lifts the chains brought on by anger and resentment. When I forgive, the bondage of bitterness is broken and I am free to live in peace.

Bitterness clouds my view and prevents true happiness. Holding on to anger causes the heart to grow cold. I shut the door on the poisonous effects of anger and let go of my pain. I search my heart and extend forgiveness for transgressions old and new.

By forgiving those who have hurt me, I free my heart and allow the opportunity to love again. Forgiving empowers me to rule over my emotions, rather than being a victim of animosity and resentment. I am stronger when I am free from the heaviness of an unforgiving heart.

Holding a grudge is like giving the offender permission to rule my heart. By forgiving, I take back the key to my heart, and with it, the ability to unlock love and mercy. Love is strong enough to overcome the obstacles brought on by discord.

To fully forgive, I give up my need to be right or feel justified. Sometimes forgiveness requires that I choose peace over principles. The selflessness that accompanies forgiveness is a strong foundation for lasting love.

Today, I choose to forgive those who have wronged me in order to free myself to experience love at a higher level. With arms open wide, I embrace new relationships free from fear.

Happy Heart’s Day!


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