I temper anger with forgiveness.

Daily interactions with others have the ability to put my mind in a state of unrest. There are times when I get angry, but I always remember to forgive.

My co-workers are sometimes challenging to deal with. When someone is being insubordinate to me, I avoid being consumed by anger. I find that it is more productive to forgive and move on.

When I take the road of forgiveness, I am able to think with a clear mind. The optimum course of action in each scenario becomes apparent to me.

Making the decision to forgive also prevents me from overreacting. Putting my feelings aside allows me to be fair. I know that both parties benefit when I decide to be mature and take the high road.

Although I am ready to forgive, I ensure that I highlight the lesson in the situation. It is important for others to know how their actions affect me.

I also take the time to let people know what behavior I refuse to tolerate. Doing this allows for a level of understanding and more productive interactions going forward. Forgiveness is more valuable when it makes relationships stronger.

I follow the same approach when I get angry at myself. I treat myself gently but ensure that I know which direction to take the next time around.

Today, anger has very little control over me because I focus on forgiving. My mind and heart are open to making things right so future interactions are positive.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I respond when my willingness to forgive is used against me?
  2. How do I keep my anger in check?
  3. What other positive behaviors do I display on a regular basis?

8 thoughts on “I temper anger with forgiveness.

    1. For me as a Christian, I agree that saying is true. Because despite of our suffering and personal tragedy we choose to forgive who have sinned against us, as part of our faith and beliefs because forgiveness is a very important teaching in Christianity. But being human, we can’t easily forget the wounds may heal but scars remain.


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