I am enjoying my life NOW!

I am having fun with each moment of my life.

I giggle to myself to see how easy it is to change my life in each moment. I smile at the grace of life when I choose to see it from a space of joy. I am enjoying the nuances of my emotions.

Just like pastel colors, I am choosing to paint my life with warm vibrant colors. I know emotions have colors.

I am enjoying fun music. I sing out loud. I am enjoying that I can disregard what others may think.

I am filling my world with vibrant people. I am enjoying their company as I relish the exuberance of amazing friends.

I am enjoying getting out into Nature. I breathe in the fresh air.

I am enjoying, meeting new people, and gatherings with like-minded friends.

Today, I see how important each experience and person is in my life as I gain a new appreciation for life itself!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How could I enjoy my life even more each day?
  2. What can I do to share this joy with others?
  3. How can I spread joy and happiness at a quantum level?


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