Learn to Control Your Temper

You’ve come to realize that letting your temper run rampant is counterproductive. Deep down, you want to control your temper. You want to find constructive ways to resolve situations. But for some reason, those alternate approaches just seem to elude you.

If that describes you, and you’re really serious about making a change, you’ll be glad to know that such a change is indeed possible!

You can discover how to take things in stride. And you can develop a greater appreciation for the viewpoints of others.

There are ways and strategies if you just consistently doing it you will learn how to successfully control your temper:

  1. Think before you speak. Pausing before responding to someone is helpful in controlling your temper. You quickly realize that the responses you choose impact you significantly. Pausing also helps you to think rationally instead of overreacting.
    • If someone continuously does something to annoy you, avoid getting upset about it. Avoid similar situations and the accompanying annoyances in the future.
    • Take a moment and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. How would you feel if they lost their temper with you? Always take the time to understand the impact of your actions on others.
  2. Weigh the outcomes. What results could you get from choosing to stay calm versus acting out? This is an important question to consider, even before being faced with a trying situation.
  3. Be introspective. It’s important to continue to look within yourself. What really causes you to react irrationally and lose your temper?
    • Be honest with yourself. If you’ve experienced something painful and are trying to mask it, that could be the cause.
    • Unresolved negative circumstances can prevent you from truly having inner peace. As a result, you may develop the tendency to release negative energy in counter-productive ways.
    • Take the time to talk to someone about how you’re feeling.
    • Avoid allowing your feelings of frustration to fester and negatively impact your interactions with others.

Use these guidelines to find a place of perfect peace. After practicing these strategies consistently, you’ll find that you’re automatically beginning to change your behavior. Being able to control your temper will enhance your relationships and help you successfully manage difficult situations in the future.


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