Deep Breaths are Nature’s Stress-Reliever

When I breathe in fresh air, I envision strength entering my body. Peace travels through me, filling up my lungs. Serenity reigns in my body and my thoughts.

With every breath I exhale, I envision tension dissolving. Any circumstances that seem insurmountable become like sand in my hands when I focus on taking slow, deep breaths. I blow away my troubles and inhale the power to face challenges.

The deeper I breathe, the calmer I become. As air enters my brain, it enables me to think clearly. Fresh air dissipates the fog that sometimes clouds my thoughts. My ability to make informed, responsible decisions is restored when I take time to calm my emotions and clear my mind.

I focus on the rhythm of my breathing to find inner peace. I close my eyes and inhale as deeply as I can. I fill my diaphragm with air first, and then I allow my lungs to expand until my chest begins to rise. Then, I slowly release that air through my nose.

The sound of the air exiting my body is in sync with the beat of my heart, making a beautiful melody of oneness. I feel connected at a deeper level when I focus on my breathing because deep breaths are nature’s stress-reliever. 

Each inhalation increases airflow to my brain and body, and this invites calmness into my whole self. My entire day improves when I breathe deeply.


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