I Live According To My Faith

My faith plays a guiding role in my daily life. I put my beliefs into action.

I build a strong foundation that inspires and empowers me. I develop the courage and wisdom to overcome challenges.

My faith encourages me to give more. I share my time and resources with my family, friends, and community.

My faith shapes the way I speak. I choose words that convey my respect and affection for others. I promote peace and harmony.

My faith motivates me to take care of my well-being.

My faith fills me with gratitude. I give thanks for my blessings.

My faith increases my patience. I accept delays and setbacks as a natural part of life. I remain calm and adapt to whatever circumstances come my way.

My faith defines me and gives me purpose. I call upon my faith for routine chores and small gestures, as well as great demands.

Today, I demonstrate my faith. My actions reflect my beliefs.


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