Is Your Difficult Relationship Harming You?

There are many reasons why you might be in a difficult relationship. Fear of being single, resistance to change, and other issues often keep unhappy couples together long after the love has gone. In fact, the average couple waits four years to end a dysfunctional relationship. Meanwhile, the effects of staying with an incompatible partner... Continue Reading →

How to Provide Comfort to Those Going Through Tough Times

When life hands you a tough situation, you may need to lean on other people for comfort. But what if you're the person that needs to provide the shoulder? It can be a difficult job since you need to be the one that stays strong for the other person. How you provide comfort will vary... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Relationship Rules That Everyone Forgets

RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD WORK. Anyone who’s been in a relationship for more than six months knows this. There’s plenty of advice out there that you’ve heard at least 100 times. However, there are probably a few things you’ve either never heard of or you’ve forgotten about. One of these forgotten items might make a huge difference... Continue Reading →

Emotional Healing for the Hurting Heart

Isn’t it true that your emotions really take a knock when your heart is aching? Sometimes it feels like the day of healing is a million miles away. The difficult time you encountered in the past can take a while to be purged from your system.It's definitely healthy to experience a range of emotions. However,... Continue Reading →

How to Stand Up for Yourself in a Relationship

If you are a person who hates confrontation, it’s important for you to read this. Watch any "Lifetime" movie or soap opera and you’ll notice that the reason there is so much drama is that no one knows how to communicate well, and instead of standing up for themselves and being direct, they’re acting passive-aggressively.... Continue Reading →

Yes, I Do and Goodbye

In 2009, she said yes, and I left my world, and she became my world. She said I do in 2015, and she was the only person I knew. However, in 2017, she said goodbye, kicked me out of her world, and left me nowhere. I do not know where to start, and I do... Continue Reading →

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