A story about a Scared Robin Who Learned to Overcome his Fears and Explore the World.

Max loved spending time with his mother, father, and siblings in their nest. The nest was small, but it was comfortable, and the only home he knew. One day, his parents noticed that Max and his siblings were getting too big for the nest. “The kids are growing so fast! I think it’s time they... Continue Reading →

The Unappreciated Beauty

A story about Victoria, the unloved vase – who learns that beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Mary and Tom Turner owned a house in California. Because of the beautiful weather throughout the year, Mary would pick several bouquets of flowers each week and scatter them throughout her home. Mary owned seven vases,... Continue Reading →

A tale of self-discovery

Benny Banana Tree didn’t think he was all that worthy of being in the jungle... ...Until something happened that changed his mind completely. Benny Banana Tree was a majestic tree. But it seemed to him that the other plants in the jungle were all better. The other flowers had enormous, gorgeous, and fragrant blooms. His... Continue Reading →

The Story of a Man whose Impatience Left Him Empty-Handed

Mr. Wilson went fishing for his dinner, but as the day wore on, there wasn’t a fish to be seen.  Just after Mr. Wilson gave up out of frustration, something rather remarkable happened... Mr. Wilson decided to go fishing and he promised his wife he would bring her back some fish. So he walked down... Continue Reading →

A Story about the Importance of Being Vigilant

As a kid, Oscar the owl spent much of his time hanging out with older owls observing how they did things. He gained a lot of wisdom that way. One day, his vigilance came in handy when he needed to take quick action to save his family... “You’re so boring, Oscar!” his best friend Lester... Continue Reading →

A story about achieving goals through patience and perseverance

Being a turtle came with its challenges, but Timothy hardly allowed those to deter him. However, he wondered how he could achieve his most-desired goal yet, which seemed impossible for a turtle. Could he do it? As part of a family of pets, Timothy the turtle knew that he was loved. Having siblings like  Danny... Continue Reading →

A story about the power of words

Once upon a time, there was a cat named Telly, a lovely cat. Telly loved her life and was a happy tabby until she met the cats next-door Norman and Karl. Suddenly, everything changed as she questioned her own worth... Being a domestic cat came with a lot of conveniences for Telly. She always had... Continue Reading →

Sometimes Love dies because of Ego

Once there was an island where all the feelings and emotions lived together. One day a big storm from the sea was about to hit the island. Every emotion on the island was scared, yet Love made a vessel to escape. All the feelings jumped in the vessel except for one feeling. Love got down... Continue Reading →

Give your hundred percent in a relationship, so you have peace of mind.

Maybe sometimes you ask yourself if I give my 100% is it worth it? If I will not give all of it what are the consequences? According to Benjamin Franklin, "If you want to have a good sleep, go to bed with your clear conscience." There was a boy and a girl playing together. The... Continue Reading →

Do you know what you really need in life?

According to John Mason, "If you look at life the wrong way, there is always cause for alarm; what you see depends mainly on what you look for." Most people complain because roses have thorns; instead, be thankful that thorns have roses. Once upon a time, there was a grandmother sitting in a chair on... Continue Reading →

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