7 Ways to Enhance Self-Love

Loving yourself might sound a little odd, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t critical. The more you love yourself, the better you’ll take care of yourself. That impacts your health, longevity, self-esteem, self-confidence, and success. When you love yourself, you make yourself a priority. You deserve nothing less. Try these tips and discover greater self-love:... Continue Reading →

Reading Strengthens my Mind.

The act of reading exercises my imagination. I am introduced to new vocabulary, concepts, and ideas each time I open a book. Language is powerful and challenging, and I enjoy the mental stimulation. When I discover an unfamiliar word, I look it up. Increasing my vocabulary enables me to communicate with greater clarity because I... Continue Reading →

Taking Charge of Your Life

Your life belongs to you, and you can avoid letting others control it with some careful planning and the courage of your convictions. Doing what others want you to do with your life robs you the success, fulfillment, and happiness you deserve. Stand by what you really want to do and go for it with... Continue Reading →

9 Mind Strategies to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Although you must follow through with certain behaviors when you’re seeking to live a healthier life style, many experts believe that healthy behaviors have their roots in your mind. What you think and believe will determine how well you’ll follow through and apply the paradigm of a healthy lifestyle in your daily existence. Consider these... Continue Reading →

Are You Wasting Your Life? Look for These 7 Signs

What image do you have in your mind when you think of someone wasting their life? If you spend the majority of your day doing something you’d rather not do, you’re wasting your life. Ideally, your life should be interesting and meaningful to you. It should even be fun and exciting a good part of... Continue Reading →

Every Exit is an Entrance Somewhere Else

Change can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but it is the only way to make progress. I remind myself that each ending is an opportunity. I replace my doubts and fears with confidence and hope. I recognize my strengths and focus on what I have to gain. Setbacks are only temporary as long as I keep pursuing... Continue Reading →

I create my life with my thoughts, words, and actions.

I am in control of my life. I have the power to create the life I desire and deserve. I have everything I need inside of me to change my life as I see fit. I understand that thoughts are powerful because they influence my mindset, words, and actions. My thoughts are based on my... Continue Reading →

Make Life Interesting: View Everything as a Test

It’s helpful to view life as just a series of tests to be solved. Some of these tests were created by your own choices. Others are the result of randomness. Either way, the test still has to be taken and passed. It might be a test of your cleverness. Another day, it might be a... Continue Reading →

Why You’re Still Waiting to Get Started on Your Dreams

Do you tell yourself that you’ll get started on your big plans at some future date? Maybe you’ll just wait until Memorial Day to begin your exercise program. There always seems to be a good reason not to get started right here and now. Are you sure you know the real reason you’re waiting? If... Continue Reading →

A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s: She changes it more often. – Oliver Herford

I heard this story about the man walking on the beach. God said; Son, you been so faithful I’m going to grant you one special wish. He said, God, I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii but I’m afraid to fly. So my wish is that; you build me a bridge across the ocean. God... Continue Reading →

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