Making Choices: Saying No versus Doing It

When an opportunity comes your way, the first thing you think about is whether you are going to say yes or no to it. This decision-making process can make you anxious. For some people, it keeps them up at night worrying if they will do the right thing or not. To make a good choice,... Continue Reading →

Standing Up for Yourself at Work

When you are working for someone else, it can feel impossible to stand up for yourself - but you can. Standing up for yourself at work is necessary to ensure that you have a well-balanced, happy life. The truth is, all workplaces should be healthy, collaborative, productive environments, but sadly, most of the time they... Continue Reading →

What Is the Worst Thing That Could Happen?

Everyone makes bad choices in life sometimes. However, there is a way to stop making bad choices. Always start your decision-making process with the question, "What’s the worst thing that could happen if I take that action?" Explore All Alternatives When you ask yourself the question about what the worst thing that can happen is,... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Taking Risks

When you take risks in your life, you enhance your confidence, build new skills, and get more out of life. Here is the thing; taking risks does not mean jumping off a cliff in the dark blindfolded without knowing what’s below. Risk-taking in your life might be something as simple as speaking up during your... Continue Reading →

How to Become an Expert in Your Field

If you want to stand out from the crowd or competition at work, then you need to be seen as an expert in your field. This takes action on your part and not just walking around telling people that you’re an expert. Everyone has the potential to be an expert at what they do. Here... Continue Reading →

Listen to yourself and you will find your destiny

I remember when I was a nursery student, before the graduation date, my teacher wants us to recite this phrase, “When I grow up I want to be,” and she started asking what you want when you grow up? I don’t have any idea because I just saw my father building a house, so I... Continue Reading →

True love is not a feeling

If true love last forever then it must not be a mere feeling, because a feeling subsides. True love is a decision to love even if feelings are gone and even the physical beauty is lost. - Rev. Fr. Jose Adrian Surigao

Decoding without comprehension is valueless, like digestion without nutrition

According to Mary Jo McGee Brown, all too often students faithfully read every word of an assignment but do not understand it because they are unable to make meaningful connections between words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. These students can decode the text, but they cannot read it; that is, they know what letters a words... Continue Reading →

You cannot add any time to your life by worrying

”He leads me.” God isn’t behind me, yelling, ”Go!” He is ahead of me, bidding, ”Come!” He is in front, clearing the path, cutting the brush, showing the way. Just before the curve, he says, ”Turn here.” Before the rise, he motions, Step up here.” Standing next to the rocks, he warns, ”Watch your step.”... Continue Reading →

When you understand your suffering pain will never be an issue

I always hear this phrase: "Don’t stop dreaming; dream big; do not worry; it is free." Yes, it is free, but to achieve our dreams, we need to pay the price. We need to follow some process; we can't do it overnight. We need someone to help and guide us; we can't do it alone.... Continue Reading →

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