Finding Your Personal Strength When the Going Gets Tough

Experiencing challenging phases in life can really test your mettle. When you encounter those bumps in the road, how do you react? Are you able to deal effectively with these challenges without going to pieces? Could you use some help in finding your inner strength? Try these ideas to tap into your personal reserves whenever... Continue Reading →

Taking Charge of Your Life

Your life belongs to you, and you can avoid letting others control it with some careful planning and the courage of your convictions. Doing what others want you to do with your life robs you the success, fulfillment, and happiness you deserve. Stand by what you really want to do and go for it with... Continue Reading →

The Implication on the Quality of LIFE

I grew up in poverty, and it was not easy. By the time my mother was pregnant, my father had left us with nothing. When I was five years old, my mother decided to marry so that she would have someone to share with, and thanks to God, He has given me a very responsible... Continue Reading →

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